5 tips how to stay healthy while travelling

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In this post I’ll give you my personal 5 tips on how to continue your healthy lifestyle routine, while you’re away from home.

Me and my boyfriend planned a little getaway trip to Berlin in the end of 2018. We stayed there also during the New Year’s Eve. My goal was to show that it is possible to stay healthy and balanced while travelling and being away from your daily routine. The goal was to eat healthy, stay active, walk around a lot and visit the gym. Meanwhile also enjoying ourselves and having a good and relaxed time without some restricted schedule.

We made a short video vlog, where you can see mainly the restaurants we visited, what we ate and also what kind of gym & spa we visited while staying in Berlin. Check out our video here.

So here are my 5 recommendations on how to stay healthy while travelling based on what we did in Berlin!

#1 Explore the city on foot

The best way to keep yourself active is to walk around. It is so good for your health and activity levels. Also, it is the best way to see the great places in the city you’re visiting. It allows you to discover more sights and unseen places. You’ll feel amazing in the fresh air and you get to know the city more.

We both use Apple Watches to track our activity levels and we had them on every day, while exploring around. It’s so good to see how long distances you’re walking and what’s your calorie burn. But overall, it’s just good to walk, even if you don’t track it!

We were able to find some random cool places, what we definitely wouldn’t have found if we would have taken a public transport instead of walking. The best walking day for us was when we reached over 24 000 steps and the walking distance was 17 km.

Melissa Mänd Healthy Travel

#2 Make your own breakfast

We stayed in an Airbnb apartment, where we had a chance to make our own meals if we wanted to. Since we were outside almost the whole day, we decided to make our own breakfast. As also breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. We kept it quite simple – some eggs, fruits, bread, tomatoes, hummus, light cheese and yogurt + coffee. You can see the examples in our video. It is important to have a balanced breakfast in order to keep your energy levels high until lunch. For us it was crucial, so we’d have the energy to explore around.

Extra tip: bring some snacks with you while exploring around! We had some protein bars and bananas in our bag in case it would take us longer to find a good place to eat. So my advice, stock up with some healthy snacks like nuts, protein bars, fruits or healthy drinks.

Melissa Mänd Healthy Lifestyle Food

#3 Find healthy places to eat

We used TripAdvisor and Google Maps to track the most recommended healthy places to have lunch or dinner. I used this TripAdvisor link for example. The best way to find these places is to read the reviews and check the ratings of the places. And of course the picture of the meals says a lot too!

We visited at least 5 different healthy restaurants and weren’t disappointed not once (our favorite was Spreegold). We had some green salads, paleo pancakes, omelette, fruits & cheese, but also treated ourselves with some dessert & chai lattes. You have to remember to treat yourself too, so you could enjoy the great vacation time!

Healthy Food in Spreegold, Berlin
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#4 Go visit a local gym

My main goal was to make room for my gym clothes in my backpack, anything else was secondary! If you normally are exercising every week, then why not continue this routine on your trip also? It was so interesting to even do a research for local gyms, to read the reviews and to look the pictures of the places. I searched a gym, which also included a spa area – to have a relaxing sauna afterwards together with Siim. So, why not to do so? You’ll burn calories, can check out how locals are exercising, what the local gym has to offer and get a new experience. Why not even try out a local group training class as well!

Also, it was sooo easy to buy a day pass to the gym through this Fitfox website with your phone. Very simple and quick. We were happy with our find. Holmes Place was nice, clean, with reasonable price and not so crowded.

Melissa Mänd Healthy Lifestyle Travel

#5 Relax and stop overstressing

Vacation is mostly for enjoying yourself. So, stop thinking about your work related problems or other issues that you may have. Just enjoy the moment and the place where you are. If you let your mind free and just be there, your body will also thank you for that. Even if you eat a few desserts or some unhealthy snacks, it won’t do you anything bad!

Extra tip: if you’re travelling with a partner, vacation is a good place where to have a lot of intimate time for just the two of you. So, use it wisely! And, it also keeps your activity levels even higher. 😉

Melissa Mänd Healthy Lifestyle Travel

Hope these recommendations were useful to you. I’d love if you shared your thoughts with me. Do you have any healthy tips while travelling? Let me know in the comments below or find me on Instagram.

Melissa 🖤

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