Highlights of 2018 that helped me to find my passion

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Another year passed so fast AGAIN. I don’t think I’m the only one, who feels that it’s faster every time. But today, I wanted to share something deeper. Last year was quite a game changer for me. I will list here the highlights, that changed my mindset & my journey the most. These highlights help me to reach my goals and passion during the new year.

Finding the love of my life

The most grateful thing that happened to me last year, was finding Siim. Well, actually we found each other. He’s the one, for who I decided to quit my last manager job in my hometown and to move to another city. I’m truly grateful every day, that I made this decision. Siim is the one, who inspires me, believes in me, makes every day special and memorable, makes me think out of the box & wants to travel and experience new things with me.

He makes me a better person, because he just knows, how to motivate and encourage me. I have so much to learn from him and for that I’m so happy and feel so blessed. I’m sure, that we’ll have some amazing things ahead of us, because we both love to travel, learn new things, explore and experience new stuff and to just have fun and enjoy life as much as we can.

Melissa Mänd Healthy Lifestyle

My master’s degree

I graduated in June of 2018 and got a degree in Service Design & Management. These two years taught me a lot. I think the main thing I learned, was how to plan my time. I was studying, while having a full-time job. Meanwhile also training 5-6 times a week, eating healthy and also trying to stay social. During the uni years I had some rough paths, where I decided to quit my trainer position, had an eating disorder problem and was just feeling lonely, not wanted and overstressed.

I was able to overcome everything, got my shit together and just did it! And did it quite well. Masters program was life-changing, because I realized that in order to succeed in life, I have to find my passion and what truly interests me. Also, I got so many great ideas, met some awesome people, and learned many new skills. But most importantly, I found the best thing ever – if I hadn’t gone to the university, I wouldn’t have met my life partner, my one and only Siim ♡.

Melissa Mänd Graduation

My experience as a manager

I became a shop manager in a telecommunication company for the first time in my life in the end of 2017. I had an opportunity to learn a lot about myself and about the people, who surrounded me. I’m grateful for the fact that my people trusted me, took my advice, learned from me and asked for my help. I hope I was able to inspire them as their leader.

I got so much good feedback and became a little bit more confident. At first I was very skeptical about my skills as a manager, but I realised, that it’s a process. The process takes a lot of time and if you’re willing to put effort in developing your skills, you’re able to do great things in influencing people in a good way. That experience taught me a lot about myself and I had a great chance to work with many good people. This experience also taught me, that I like helping people to reach their goals, which could be one aspect of my own business goal.

Deeper feelings about life

As I mentioned before, last year was a big change in my mindset. First time ever, I found myself thinking about the meaning of life and my existence in this world. More and more each day, I felt like, there was something missing. I realized, that the thing missing was PASSION. There are things I do every day, that I enjoy and like, but this wasn’t IT. I understood, that I don’t wake up everyday eager to start the day. I’m just living each day ordinarily, NOT with passion and excitement.

The thing that started to terrify me, was the fact that maybe I won’t find the passion in life. Maybe I won’t be able to know, what I’m capable of doing. Thanks to Siim, who is a big inspiration to me, I have been starting to search my mind and organize my thoughts. I have started to think about my skills and interests in order to create a certain GOAL for myself. This would finally conclude in finding my true passion and the thing I wanna continue to do forever.

Melissa Mänd Healthy Lifestyle

☆ Stepping into 2019

In the end of 2018 I started to search my mind and asked myself – what are the things I enjoy the most in life? The answer was quite easy – my travels, my workouts and my healthy eating. To combine these three things, which are all very important to me, I can create my healthy lifestyle platform. I believe that healthy lifestyle starts with your eating habits and your workout routines. But it is also essential to have a healthy mindset, to do the things you love and surround yourself with the people, who help to impact your journey in a positive way.

I’m not a 100% sure, how I’m going to accomplish all the goals I have for myself, for my future platform and business, but at least I’m glad I know, what I want and I will pursue it in every way possible. I know that there is a lot of work to do and things to learn, but I’m so ready to start, to give my best and to improve myself in order to achieve the goals I have. I have found a few role models and one of them is definitely Lauren Tickner, who has built an awesome brand for herself and her business. You have to check her out!

Melissa Mänd Healthy Lifestyle

I wish you the very best year and I hope you also have your goals and dreams, what you want to accomplish this new year of 2019. Hope you found something useful from this post. If you want, you can share these thoughts with me in the comments below.
Shine bright and give your best in everything!

Melissa 🖤

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