My travel experiences until now vol. 1

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This post will be about my travelling experiences in my 27+ years I have been exisiting in this interesting world. First of all, I’d have to say that I haven’t travelled a lot. I have SOOOO much exploring I want to do in my life and so far, it has just been a smudge of getting the real taste of travel. The fact is that I’ve been travelling basically within Europe and my farthest distance has been Israel. BUT, my journey will change in the following year, when me and my boyfriend will be going to Canada! This will be so cool and I just can’t wait to see, what this beautiful country has to offer.

But, coming back to my experiences so far. I will list here the countries I have visited and I will include the year, the places and some other comments about each country, that I find are worth mentioning or were just memorable somehow.

Alanya, Turkey 2010
This was my first vacation trip with my mother. We basically had that 7 day beach holiday in a 3-star hotel. The town is quite small, but very touristic. Alanya can offer many water activities and of course turkish sauna experience, which is quite weird, but yet once in a lifetime experience for me. Who hasn’t tried, you should. I don’t exactly remember to which one we went, but you can check one out from here. Well, I also remember, that I didn’t really like the food and the locals are crazy about white northern girls. So, beware, especially blondes, haha. But basically, I’d like to visit Turkey again, but not for a beach holiday, but more for a cultural trip.

Croatia 2011
I really loved this country. We visited several cities like Zagreb, Split, Pula and Dubrovnik. Croatia is really amazing, because it has the beach, the culture, the mountains and the great weather. The most memorable experience from Croatia would have to be the visit to Plitvice National Park. This is a must, while travelling in Croatia, because it’s so breathtakingly pretty and green and fresh. It offers amazing views. I will include a pic of me there. It is taken over 7 years ago, so I look different, but yeah, why not.
You can check out some more information about the National Park from here.

During my trip to Croatia we also visited (I was travelling also with my mom) Slovenia (Ljubljana), Bosnia & Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Mostar), Austria (don’t remember the city’s name), Czech Republic, Poland & of course Latvia and Lithuania (because you just have to go through these places if your starting point is Estonia).

Plitvice National Park in August of 2011

Bosnia & Herzegovina 2011
Well, Bosnia was kind of outdated, as we had to wait for like an hour to even get pass the border, because they had to check everyone’s passport. BUT, what the heck, how cheap was everything there. We just visited some random shops and everything was extremely inexpensive. It may be a great destination for the ones who don’t want to spend as much. Here is also a cool recent travel blog post about Bosnia and its cheapness. As we were visiting in August, it was extremely hot. The weather during the day was up to 48 degrees. I think, this remains right now as the hottest weather I’ve ever felt.

Slovenia 2011
Honestly, I don’t remember much about this country. We only visited for a day. Ljubljana was quite nice and had some interesting architecture. I guess, you should learn more about it from this great blog for example.

Spain, Mallorca 2012
I will definitely do a longer post about Mallorca, because there I spent 3 months working & exploring. It was truly a great experience. I was able to go there while I was doing my Bachelor’s degree in uni. There is this cool program called Erasmus, that allows you to go study, do your practice or work abroad. So, Mallorca has a lot to offer and I will make a longer post about it. Key note: I was working in a hotel bar serving mainly French clients, while practising my Spanish & French.

Cala San Vicente in Mallorca in July of 2012

Sweden, Stockholm 2010/2012/2014/2017
If you’re from Estonia, then it will be weird if you haven’t visited Stockholm more than once. Why? Because it is very easy and cheap to go there on a cruise from Tallinn. You’ll be spending 2 nights on a cruise ship and having one day to spend in Stockholm. The time limit is quite rushed (arriving 10am and leaving 5pm), but if you want, you’re able to get a glimpse of Stockholm. Many people go on a cruise to just go shopping and partying, but it can also be about the culture. First two times it was all about shopping and partying for me too, but the last two times have been more cultural as well. Have been exploring around, visiting Vaasa museum and some landmarks. You can check the cruises from here.

Stockholm 2017 with my brother Morris (on the right) & his partner Kyrylo (we look alike or what :D)

From these listed places, I’d have to say, that my favorite was Croatia. It was so pretty – amazing mountains and scenery. Would like to go back there and visit some other cities and places too. The post will continue in the vol 2, where I list some other places I’ve managed to visit in the past years. What is your favorite European country or city to visit and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Melissa 🖤

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